Mary & Martha Ladies Group

Aims  ‘to grow closer to God as we grow closer together’  by meeting together on the first Saturday of the month at the Church Centre, 8.30 – 10 am for breakfast, bible study, prayer and sharing what God is doing in our lives in a relaxed setting.

Mary and Martha group (M&M for short) looks forward to welcoming you.

Saturday Programme for 2016-17

This year we will be looking at the “I AM” sayings of Jesus in John’s Gospel

September 3      introduction to series:  ‘before Abraham was, I Am’         John 8:58

October 1            I Am the Bread of Life                   John 6:35

November 5       I Am the Light of the world          John 8:12

January 7            I Am the Door                                 John 10:9

February 4          I Am the Good Shepherd             John 10:11

March 4               I Am the Way                                 John 14:6

April 1                   I Am the Resurrection                John 11:25

May 6                    I Am the Truth                             John 14:6

June 3                   I Am the Life                                 John 14:6

July 1                     I Am the True Vine                     John 15: 1


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